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Article: A Journey of Rediscovery: Michelle's Lifelong Passion for Horses

A Journey of Rediscovery: Michelle's Lifelong Passion for Horses

A Journey of Rediscovery: Michelle's Lifelong Passion for Horses

From open fields to busy stables, the bond between humans and horses transcends time and culture, captivating our hearts and creating a life-long passion.

Welcome to The Horse People Project: a new journey that delves into the diverse world of Horse People, exploring their stories, passions, and the power of horses in our lives.

I had the chance to connect with this edition’s feature, Michelle Skawronski, the Horse People Company’s US sales rep, to learn more about her experiences in the horse industry. Michelle is a true horsewoman whose love for horses has shaped her life, through personal successes and struggles, and throughout her impressive career, as a current rep for both HPC and Ecogold Equestrian. 

Michelle with one of her equine massage clients, Tag.

Growing up on a farm in Spruce View, Alberta, Michelle explored her passion for horses through trail riding, pleasure riding, and “meeting up with her cousins on horseback". Every horse-crazy kid’s dream. While her parents were always supportive, her aunt and uncle "played a big role in fostering her love of horses”.

Growing up in central Alberta, Michelle's childhood constantly involved horses.

After some time, Michelle took some time away from horses while she was raising her two boys. 10 years ago, Michelle and her family moved just outside of Houston, Texas, where Michelle’s childhood obsession with horses was rekindled. 

Initially, Michelle’s reconnection to the industry was through volunteering at a Texas therapeutic riding facility, SIRE, which then blossomed into her becoming a PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor.

I was amazed to learn after being a riding instructor, Michelle began a career as an Equine Massage Therapist. Regardless of the many paths Michelle has explored, her passion for horses has consistently grounded her.

Michelle and her two boys.
Working with another massage client, Kirby.

Michelle’s life in Texas is nothing short of ordinary. Two years ago, her family bought a 12-acre farm that is now home to two dogs, two barn cats, two mares, and a baby donkey, Charley (and yes, he is the cutest thing ever!). 

Charley! The sweetest baby donkey!
Ellie, Michelle's 9 year old quarter horse mare & her two barn kitties, Dave and Chloe.

From the moment she was introduced to the horse community in Texas, Michelle knew she had found “the golden triangle” of horse life: vast ranches, great trail opportunities, and year-round weather for riding. 

Texas is "the golden triangle" for all things horses.

The area has barrel races every weekend, and also boasts great opportunities for reining, cutting, cattle sorting, and ranch riding - often in which she participates! The English side of the industry is also strong in the area, with eventing, dressage, and hunter/jumper shows.

Ellie and Michelle looking calm, cool, and collected at a ranch riding show in Texas.

Through Michelle’s journey in the horse world, literally across countries, she has learned how valuable it is to be “open” to try everything in the industry. As “horsemanship is so broad”, you get to choose what works best for you, even as someone who may potentially be returning back to this world. With time, what is meant to be in your life, will eventually come back to you.


Big thanks to Michelle for the wonderful conversation and beautiful photos!

Stay tuned for more features ☀️

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